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  CALZE ILEANA SPA is not only a brand but a precise will to dress the most
glamorous legs in the world, becoming the ambassador of the well-known made in Italy quality.
In 1968, when the modern tight concept was born, Ileana Pinelli started her adventure, founding in 1982 MANIFATTURA CALZE ILEANA.
The ready-to wear diffusion and the growing importance of fashion, inspired
Ileana and in 1986 she started proposing her own collections, taking inspiration from pictures, objects and people during her trips around the world.
In 1996 Alda & Luca, Ileana’s children, joined the company with the goal of
improving and maximizing Calze Ileana results, which in few years acquired value and making it ready for the future.
In 2006 "Manifattura Calze Ileana" became "CALZE ILEANA SPA".
2008 represented the beginning of capsule collections dedicated to superluxury brands, and fashion designers.
In 2011 Ileana celebrated her 60th birthday and, together with her children, style and commercial teams, forecasted to expand a completely renewed ILEANA
brand to China, Russia and US markets.
Future begins...
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