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It is 2014 and a final test carried out on 10,000 athletes marks the new course of Calze Ileana S.p.A; The brand Eleven-Seventyseven is born. The fashion sector, for the first time, welcomes a sock with technical properties previously confined to the world of sport, harmoniously combined with a refined and fashionable design of the garments produced, the result of the now consolidated identity of the manufacturing tradition of ‘agency.

Eleven-Seventyseven dresses a new concept of garment, both aesthetic and technical because there is no pleasure without performance, there is no performance without pleasure.

Because research shapes tradition, the future dominates the present.

Where did the brand come from?

Eleven-Seventyseven è l’incontro tra glamour e caratteristiche tecniche tipiche del mondo dello sport, una sinergia tra fashion e movimento.

Con il logo 1177 vogliamo rappresentare in maniera grafica e immediata gli universi del maschile e del femminile che si incontrano in una simbiosi perfetta: 11, simbolo dell’indole più tecnica del brand, è il numero dei giocatori che compongono una squadra di calcio, il richiamo alle gambe che su di un manto verde, giocano a fare arte con il pallone. Mentre il 77, simbolo della parte più esteta e glamour bel brand, nonché della tradizione tramandata negli anni, è il numero allegorico che secondo un’antica tradizione popolare italiana, rappresenta il simbolo per eccellenza delle gambe femminili.

Dryarn fiber socks

Traditionally we had that mastery that aspired to navigate the darkest and most unknown corners of the sector until one day he chose where to leave his mark, redefining the concept of socks. The discovery is called Dryarn, the lightest yarn existing in nature, but a very skilled sock weaver could not stop at the material alone, she had to make it emerge from the luxury niche of sportswear and finally give it an urban, dynamic and everyday connotation.

Ours is a traditional recipe with an intense aroma that is enriched with new ingredients and combines style, daily comfort, technical properties and Made in Italy innovation.

An innovative packaging

An innovative product requires packaging worthy of its caliber of action. Non-conformist and non-approved nature, each pair of 1177 finds its natural habitat in a patented and copyrighted can, the Energy Can.

The iconic packaging represents one of the many strengths of Eleven-Seventyseven, as it helps to exponentially increase the uniqueness of the brand itself, differentiating it from its competitors.

Technical features


The lightness of the yarn makes the sock soft and comfortable for everyday wear.


Dryarn yarn has the incredible properties to make the garment highly traspirant: it keeps the skin totally dry, expelling the sweat, through the fiber to the outside.


It does not undergo variations in size, structure or matter. Resists all types of abrasion.


They do not absorb water, guaranteeing a dry and temperate fit, warm during winter, cool during summer.


It guarantees less heat dissipation than traditional fibers, it has exceptional insulating properties and low thermal conductivity. It also maintains the temperature and humidity levels constant.


Each product has been dermatologically tested.

Anatomical features


The anatomical Y-shaped construction adheres perfectly to the heel, ensuring comfort and maintaining the position.


The elastic edge does not sag or tighten, for a maximum comfortable fit.


The structure of each sock, longer in the big toe area and shorter around the little toe, follows the anatomical shape of the foot.


The sock adheres perfectly to the skin: it does not slip or create creases.


The models are available in two different lengths: up to the knee and up to mid-calf.


The models of the ACTIVE line are made up of a band that allows the sock to maintain stability and have greater grip.

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