Calze Ileana has always been attentive to ethical, environmental and energy issues: it boasts a 100% green organisation, to guarantee respect for the environment and maximum safety of its employees.

The company

The office building was covered with a thermal coat to minimize heat loss and increase the comfort of the people inside.

To ensure better wellbeing conditions and reduce energy consumption, the installation also involved some areas of the warehouse. The external areas have been re-asphalted and the roads have been renewed with a focus on paths and pedestrian rest areas.

New photovoltaic system

A new photovoltaic system is in operation for the production of electricity of over 70,000 kwh per year. A system that joins the pre-existing one generating a total peak power of more than 150 kWh. In this way 1177 becomes autonomous in the production of electricity and prepares to face the challenges it has set itself.

Low environmental impact machinery

The production chain of the entire hosiery factory has been renewed and adapted to the needs of the constantly evolving world.

We have inserted a chain of low environmental impact machinery and new high definition digital printers, which reduce electricity consumption, respect the environment and help improve the quality of life.

Green means of transport

Calze Ileana chooses to move in an ecological way, using electric means of transport with zero CO2 emissions and recharging them with the energy they produce, helping to reduce environmental and noise pollution, but without giving up the best technical performance.

The installation of the wall box for charging electric cars marked the beginning of a cultural transition towards the future.

This charging station, available in an area specially created for customers, suppliers and employees, creates the basis for encouraging the use of this technology with clear positive environmental impacts.


Calze Ileana pays great attention to differentiation, to allow the greatest possible amount of waste to be recycled. Paper, plastic, glass, cans and mixed waste are separated.

Water Full water purifier

Efforts to minimize the use of plastic materials in the company have also been the subject of investment.

The company is equipped with two microfiltered and sanitized water dispensers for the use of which all employees have been provided with a set of high quality washable steel water bottles.

The impact is notable: plastic bottles, glasses and bottles have been eliminated.